SRG Lab in HREL 305 currently features the following major pieces of equipment for mechanical testing and materials fabrication:

Objet24 3D Printer:


This Objet24 3D printer is a desktop system to print realistic models with small moving parts, thin walls and smooth, paintable surfaces. Using PolyJet 3D printing technology, the Objet24 features 28µ print layers and a 240 x 200 x 150 mm (9.45 x 7.87 x 5.9 in) tray size. The Objet24 produces highly accurate models for visual aids, fit and assembly testing and functional applications. It uses rigid white opaque material (VeroWhitePlus[m.stratasys.com]), which is perfect for general-purpose 3D modeling and prototyping. Combining dimensional stability and high-detail visualization, this photopolymer closely resembles the look of the end product. It can be painted, drilled, machined or used for vacuum forming.

Vacuum Oven:


This 1.9 Cubic Ft vacuum oven features heating from 5 sides, which generates uniform temperature distribution inside the chamber. Also, with an attached 9 cfm Dual-Stage pump with mist filter it can be used for drying, desiccating, evaporation and outgassing, among others.

SPI Spin Coater:


THINKY Centrifugal Mixer:


BOSE Electroforce 3300:


Bachur and Associates Model 100-2 (350W) NUV exposure system with a dry film photoresist laminator:


Carver Heat Press Machine with digital control of temperature:


PVA Tepla Model US v2.2 atmospheric plasma pen:


Corona discharge surface treater for surface treatment

Fisherbrand™ Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator. This is a programmable system ideal for small volume liquid processing.


SRG also have free access to the following facilities maintained by the ME department:

Instron 6959 with 50kN and 50N load cells:


This 5969 Dual Column Tabletop Testing Systems are universal, static testing systems that perform tensile and compression testing; and also perform shear, flexure, peel, tear, cyclic, and bend tests. A variety of load cells are available to provide accurate measurements for applications ranging from micron-size fibers to those utilizing the full capacity of the load frame. Currently we have both a 50kN load cell and a 50N one. Additionally, a full range of grips, fixtures, and strain measurement devices are also available. In combination with Instron Bluehill software, these testing systems provide high performance, flexibility, accuracy, and usability. Applications solutions include plastics, metals, rubber materials, automotive components, composites, adhesives, non-ambient temperature applications, and many more.

Hysitron TI-950 Triboindenter Nanomechanical Test System:


This nanomechanical system capable of nano indentation and AFM testing is accessed from the Advanced Materials and Microscopy Laboratory (AMML) in Room 15 in Palmer Engineering Building at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR):

Epilog Helix 24 laser cutter for thin soft materials patterning:

This laser patterning machine is available at DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library at UNR:

There are also a few laser patterning machines we use for research on a regular basis from the Innevation Center off main UNR campus: