Siavash Joins SRG!

SRG welcomes first-year Ph.D. student Siavash from Amirkabir University of Technology (SRG’s favorite Iranian university!). Siavash will work on soft robotics, including both hardware and software aspects. He loves boxing in his spare time, among others.

Amir and Wanliang Attended Gordon Research Conference of Science of Adhesion

Amir and Wanliang enjoyed their first ever Gordon Research Conference so much, with new friends made, ideas exchanged and basketball court visited. Their posters about dry adhesion enhancement and dynamical tuning were very well received.

During the conference, Amir and Wanliang also met with SRG collaborators at Penn (Aoyi and Kevin) to discuss the ongoing NSF project. Hope things play out as planned!

Wanliang also visited Princeton for one day and a half after the conference. It was great to be back home!

Adarsh Joins SRG!

Second year Ph.D. student Adarsh Kesireddy has joined SRG. Since starting at UNR, he has been working with Dr. Logan Yliniemi, who is now at Amazon Robotics. Adarsh will continue to work on intriguing problems encountered in robotics using his background in machine learning and optimization.

REU supplement of 16k funded!

NSF MEP program has approved our REU supplement proposal to SRG’s first NSF award. A total of $16k will be used to support two undergrads for research this summer and the upcoming academic year. This brings the total award amount to $625k with UNR share of $356k. We thank NSF for the support!

Amir’s soft gripper paper is accepted by Soft Robotics!

SRG is glad to share the news that Amir’s first first-author paper has just been accepted by Soft Robotics, a top journal in robotics with an impact factor of 6.1! This work focuses on using rigidity tunable elastomers to simplify the design and fabrication of a soft gripper composed of completely soft materials, which has never been done before!

This is also SRG’s first major publication in robotics!

Congratulations to Amir, and SRG!