A complete list of publications by Dr. Wanliang Shan is available here on his google scholar page. These can be broken into three categories as follows:

Peer Reviewed Publications

* denotes Corresponding Author

  1. D. Wang, A. Mohammadi Nasab, W.L. Shan, Z. Chen*, Buckling of an Elastic Rod Embedded in a Bilayer Matrix, , 2018. (In submission)
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  20. P. Hu*, W.L. Shan, F. Yu, Z.S. Chen, Thermal Conductivity of AlN-Ethanol NanofluidInternational Journal of Thermophysics, 29(6):1968-1973, 2008.


  1. Methods for Fast and Reversible Dry Adhesion Tuning between Composite Structures and Substrates Using Dynamically Tunable Stiffness. Wanliang Shan and Kevin Turner. Full patent filed in Jan. 2018
  2. Composition, System, and Method for Rigidity Tuning with Conductive Thermoplastic Elastomer. Carmel Majidi and Wanliang Shan. Full patent filed in Feb. 2017

Other Works

  1. W.L. Shan, Fatigue and Fracture of Small Structures, Ph.D. Dissertation, Jun. 2012.
  2. W.L. Shan, Y. Yang and W.O. Soboyejo. Fatigue of AISI 4340 Steel – Short and Long Crack Growth. Technical Report to Walt Disney World Engineering, Orlando FL, Mar. 2010.